IT Leadership

Information Technology (IT) Leadership

Interim-CIO, Fractional CIO, IT Governance

Our team has experience in Chief Information Officer (CIO) roles at major corporations. We can provide talent for both Interim-CIO (full-time for a short period) and Fractional CIO (part-time for an extended period).

Interim-CIO: Clients occasionally have the need to fill the top information technology position for a short period to give them the necessary space to find the best permanent candidate. Our experience allows us to seamlessly integrate into these roles and continue to move the organization's information technology forward thus taking the time-pressure away while you do your search for permanent talent. There are often differing reasons for why an interim-CIO may be the best choice. Usually, it is related to a strategic decision to provide a window where ongoing operations can be maintained in a "business-as-usual" sense until a well-qualified permanent leader is found to fill the position. In these cases, our talent will ensure a calm and steady hand at the wheel during this critical transition. Another reason may be a significant change is needed, and a short term transformational CIO can be brought in to move the organization quickly to the TO-BE environment. An example of this has been in some of the full IT Outsource projects we have worked for our clients. Then once the dust settles the organization can find a permanent CIO (in the context of the new CIO requirements) to carry forward in this new environment. Whatever your case may be, our team has the experience to help.

Fractional-CIO: There are times when you don't require a full-time CIO, but you would benefit from a high caliber talent being available at regular ongoing fixed intervals to monitor and engage as needed to help. Perhaps because you are in an entirely outsource IT environment, or you have a smaller, simpler environment. In this case, we provide a Fractional-CIO service where we visit you onsite at agreed upon intervals, typically bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, etc. to ensure your IT continues to function and any components of your strategic initiatives that require IT get addressed.

General Business Technology Consulting

We have broad technical experience which we can apply to provide you with Business Technology Consulting. This Consulting can be in the form of subject matter expertise while managing a project or providing design oversight, solution selection, etc.

Vendor Selection

We have comprehensive full lifecycle experience with procurement in the information technology space. This includes:

  • Understanding business requirements

  • Developing written specifications

  • Developing sourcing options

  • Developing request for proposals (RFP)

  • Developing the technical business language for vendor contracts

  • Conducting contract negotiations on your behalf or as part of your contract negotiation team

  • Performing objective solution selection and contract award

  • Managing the solution into production and transitioning to ongoing operations.

Our experience includes large full IT outsource arrangements.

Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery

We have experience developing and testing business continuity plans and IT Disaster Recovery plans from small, simple environments to large complex environments. We have also worked closely with Federal Regulators, outside auditors, and internal auditors to ensure solutions comply with all requirements.