We are a referral based consulting firm with deep technical project experience!


We are business technology and project people who help you efficiently identify, organize, and effectively complete the work necessary to deliver on your strategic intent. We can guide, lead, and staff your project!

  • Need a temporary or part-time CIO or Technology Leader? We have you covered!

  • Need a Project Portfolio, Program, or Project Leader? We have you covered!

  • Need a Business Technology Expert? We have you covered!


We integrate with your team, and we deliver results your way by independently providing our broad expertise within the context of your wants, your needs, and your determination of success. Our leadership experience along with our Portfolio Management approach, tailored for your environment, enables you in your executive leadership role to make informed decisions concerning strategy execution through aligned programs, projects, and operational activities. Our project demand management experience helps you select the highest-priority projects in the context of your unique circumstances, while our Project Management Office (PMO) experience ensures the necessary transparency, oversight, and resources for your success.


We are Certified Project Portfolio and Project Management Professionals who know Lean, Agile, and Fully Plan Driven (i.e., waterfall) methods for organizing and managing project work. Our Business Technology training is equally broad and diverse. With this depth and breadth of expertise, we can remain method and technology agnostic avoiding the "if you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail" trap and let your requirements for the solution guide how we organize the work, select and implement the technology. We think of ourselves as action results biased and value-focused. We seek to replace slang words like woulda, coulda, shoulda, wanna, gonna with the word "did" because we are about getting-to-done with the appropriate velocity and agility to achieve your desired outcome. We believe that sooner and simpler is almost always better and strive to incorporate that understanding into our approach.

While some consultants might only leave you a plan to execute, we roll up our sleeves and join your team to deliver the results. We emphasize knowledge transfer during our engagement so you can independently continue to replicate success into the future. "We learn," "we do," "we teach"!

We adhere to the Project Management Institute's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Experienced Leadership

We have a breadth of Information Technology (IT) Executive and Technical experience to help you with your Interim-CIO, Virtual CIO, IT Governance, technology selection, and management needs. We perform technology assessments and help you select the optimum path to achieve your desired outcome.

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Performing The Right Work

Are you working on the right things to ensure you achieve your strategy? Are you getting a good result managing investment-related demand to ensure you work on your highest-value opportunities first? Are you wrestling with project resource management? We can help you!

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Producing Superior Results

Do you have visibility into all projects underway within your organization and understand how well they are doing? Are you getting the right results? It is good to execute the project tasks well but imperative that the project outcome achieves the original project objective. We can help you with project delivery!

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