Darrel Spayth - Free/Busy Calendar

For a phone conversation (select your desired call duration):
1) Schedule a 15-min call with Darrel
2) Schedule a 30-min call with Darrel
3) Schedule a 1-hour call with Darrel

For an in-person meeting:
1) Find an open spot on my calendar and send an email to darrels@spaythmanagement.com
2) Specify your first meeting choice but also include a second option on a different day and provide the city/area where you would propose to meet.
Note: My offices are in Kirkland, but I am usually in Seattle two or more days each week, and frequently I am in north or south Seattle areas as well. 

CONTINGENCY: If all else fails, just give me a call at (425) 221-4738 and we can set a time on our calendars real-time.

Free/Busy Calendar for darrels@spaythmanagement.com